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What happens when the Universe is revealed to you in a single moment, filling you with love, desire, hope, fear, despair, longing, and complete joy? When the full range of human emotion is suddenly conveyed, then gone just as quickly…

With a four week production schedule and a love song of sorts, we travelled back in time to the late seventies and joined a cult of psychonauts to make a video about alien panther love, ontology, and inter-dimensional space travel.


Directed By Buck
Creative Directors: Orion Tait & Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Kate Treacy
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator: Kevin Hall
Production Assistant: Billy Mack
Lead Art Director/Design/Matte Painter/Animator/Compositor: Thomas Schmid
Art Director/Design/Animator/3D Generalist/Composite: Ben Langsfeld
Art Director/Design/Animator/Compositor: Yker Moreno
Art Director/Design/Animator/Compositor: Joe Mullen
Art Director/Animation Director/Design/Animator/Compositor: Gareth O’Brien
On Set VFX Supervisor/Compositing Production Manager/Motion Tracking/Roto/Animator/Compositor/Editor: Conrad Ostwald
3D Generalist/Compositor: Chris Phillips
Design/Matte Painter/Animator/Compositor: Daniel Oeffinger
Design/Animator/Compositor: Seth Ricart
Design: Jon Gorman
Animator/Compositor: Lucas Borras
Animator: Pete McDonald
Additional Editor: Aristedes Zamora
Roto Artist: Filaments
Roto Artist: Tim Turner
Den Mother: Ann Seymour

Live Action Producer: Kim Koby & Helen Urriola
Director of Photography: Scott Beardslee
Wardrobe: Victoria Grant
Astronaut: Chris Ryan
Vixen: Susannah Collins
Astronaut Stunt Double: Jared Burke

The Bravery
Sam Endicott, Lead Singer
John Conway, Keyboards
Anthony Burulcich, Drummer
Michael Zakarin, Guitarist
Mike Hindert, Bassist

Post-Production, Edit: Bikini, NY
Editor: James Duffy
Assistant Editor: Edwina Lantigua

Color: Company 3
Color Artist: Tom Poole
Producer: Marie Deleon


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