Nº8 responsive
responsive adj.- Quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically.

As the only local fire brigade in the Falklands tasked with covering an area roughly the size of Wales (or Connecticut), firefighters from Stanley confront unique and personal challenges every day. Whether it's a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) involving a loved one, or a remote fire out in camp, their dedication and swift response is without question an essential service to these islands. Reserve Firefighter Caris Stevens also reminds us it's important to have a sense of humor to do what she does, as well as keeping a firm grasp on the hooligan bar! (Like this video? Like us on Facebook and we'll update you when the next is out!) (We also tweet)

A Collaboration by : Vern Cummins & Jamie Gallant
Edited by: Christine Wolf
Ass.Edit : Steve Kroodsma
Motion GFX: Ollie Mamaril
Post Supervision: JoJo Scheerer
Title Design: Eric Lee
Colorist: Fred Keller
Sound Design & Mix: Dan Kenyon
Music Supervision: Bryan Ray Turcotte and Michael 'Cali' DeWitt @ Beta Petrol
Original Music courtesy of Beta Petrol:
Untitled 5 & 6 by Aska And Butchy
Nimbus by ParallaxScroll
Transformation Surprise by CALI 3
Gardens Grew Backwards by Infinite Body

A very special thank you to:
Caris Stevens, Lisa Long & Dan Walsh @ Filmworkers Club Chicago, The Whitehouse Post,, Jared, Jeff and the entire crew @ Falkland Islands Fire and Rescue Service and Darren Christie & Falkland Islands Government.


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