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For 1080p see youtube youtube.com/watch?v=H-q1wZcUHhk.

WARSAW 24H is the final effect of the timelapse project I started in November 2012. I wanted to show Warsaw as it can be seen from its highest skyscrapers - as a majestic, beautiful city - not the one we get used to every day. I wanted to show Warsaw the way I love it.

During the production I was able to visit rooftops of buildings such as Cosmopolitan, Złota 44, Marriott, Millenium Plaza, Rondo 1, and the tower of the st. Augustine's Church. And also some other places. I would like to thank all the people who were willing to help me, even though in some cases I didn't manage to use what they kindly offered.

I would also like to thank Sebastian Nibisz who allowed me to use his program for post-processing HDR photos - SNS HDR PRO, sns-hdr.com/. I strongly recommend his work.

// edit: The movie is shown on the internet as the 'HDR timelapse' which is not true :) The fact I could use the program for my work doesn't mean i always did it...

And last but not least, my gratitude goes to all those on whom I could rely on during the shooting. You were my company and contributors. If it hadn't been for you, I would have died of boredom ;)

j vimeo.com/86112812

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