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Specially commissioned for the 10 years Anniversary of Breakin Convention 2013 UK All Stars Line up.
the creation period was only seven days, The piece was performed on the main stage at Sadlers Wells, London, 6th of May 2013.

“ConsuMorphosis”. (work in Progress).
This is the last of a series of 3 “metamorphos-ically” inspired dance work to see the light. The work aims to portrait a non literal image of what the future could be after we’ve consumed everything there is on earth.
The work was heavily inspired from images by Photographer Chris Jordan (, some of his images are featured as a projection at the start of the piece.

“Metamorphosis phenomenas are all around us and part of life on many levels, a constant motion and adaptation of our world...
use, using up, utilization, expending, depletion; waste, squandering, dissipationtransformation, mutation, transmutation, change, alteration, conversion, modification, remodeling, reconstruction; transmogrification; transubstantiation: ConsuMorphosis

"Company Decalage's ConsuMorphosis was one of the new works I was most glad existed of the ten commissioned dances in Breakin' Convention 2013, and one I would gladly see again. (Donald Hutera, dance writer for The Times)

Mickael Marso Riviere
Mickael Marso Riviere+ additional Movement from the dancers.
Specially composed by Miguel Marin.
Anthony Hateley
Si Rawlinson, Marius Mates, Dickson MBI, Salah El Brogy, Marso Riviere
Special Thanks to the Dancexchange in Birmingham, Chris Jordan and Jonzi D for their support.


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