GoPro HD Hero

After acquiring one of those lovely GoPro I went on a trip around the summery New Zealand. I used it extensively for a period of almost 3 weeks and documented most activities I've done [but usually involving going in the water].
We've been around the North Island in Tauranga and Napier. And in the South Island in Queenstown, Manapouri and The Doubful Sound.

And the music is of course the cover of Immigrant Song by Trent Reznor from The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo soundtrack.

I used extensively the slow motion mode of the GoPro, especially the 480p that shoots at 120fps. So I cheated by up-scaling those shots to 720p. The quality loss is indeed noticable, but a 5 time slow motion is just too good to miss out entirely.

EDIT: I've changed slightly the edit at the end. As the music becomes more and more overwhelming, I felt I needed to show that in a straight fashion, so I added this shot in between the "random shots" at the end where you see a wave coming between the rocks toward the camera. I also fixed a minor problem in the speed ramping section of my girlfriend dancing on the beach. In my workflow, I usually copy and paste my edit in Premiere into After Effects for color grading as I prefer the tools for color correction there. But something went wrong in the process and there was a slight jump between the slow motion and the normal speed parts and that annoyed me. That's all I could see and I decided to fix that as well.


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