Experimental generative type in motion use of case

Based on the idea that the most interesting part of an animation is always the transition from a to b,
Letters Are My Friends are dedicating their latest research on this topic: to push the limits of a readable animated glyph.
Therefore Ingo Italic developed "Buchstabengewitter" a generative typography kit using the toolkit vvvv. This dynamic framework transforms three-dimensional linear structures into all the letters of the alphabet, fluidly morphing from one to another. So, each letter is animated. Each letter can be morphed into any glyph of the alphabet. That makes it easy to blend also several words into each other.
That was at least the thesis of Letters Are My Fiends.

See the demo of the whole linear alphabeth animation here:
And read a feature on CAN about it here:

To check and demonstrate if this is true, Bärbel Bold is looking for the proof of case of „Buchstabengewitter“, and shows in a test serie called „weather-proof“ the flexibility and applicability in 4 experimental type in motion cases.

Based on different fonts and motiondesign set-ups she is testing the words 'sunny', 'cloudy', 'rainy' and 'stormy' and trying to archieve readability in the few moments of an ongoing varying mophing letter-set-ups.
Watch out for the coloured states of animation! These are the moments, to pick it up.


On top she is adding type in motion generated by a different parametric approach of growing 3D modelsrendered in a vector look.

Experimental parametric 3D Type in Motion:

The project was part of UpperCase & Lower Space - a night with parametric typography at Letters Are My Friends on 19th may 2012.
See some pics of the show here:

More letter experiments at:

Bärbel Bold
Letters Are My Friends



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