Avant-garde films

A short electroacoustic/sound design piece created as a homage to accompany a section of Georges Méliès 1902 classic Le Voyage Dans La Lune.

The intention of the piece was to explore the relationships between visual and sonic media, detail and approach to aspects such as contrast, dynamic, transition and texture within the visual and how this could be communicated through various potential sonic avenues. The objective was to reinforce visual aspects of the work but also experiment with deliberate juxtaposition of material and linear context.

There are a number of junctures in the work where the inherent relationships between the visual and sonic material were explored and developed to create both abstract and clear ideas and concepts.

Sound material for the piece was captured from a number of sources to develop a compositional palette that encompassed different spectral, spatial and timbral qualities. This enabled the piece to work on a number of levels by reinforcing information and detail within the visual whilst also enhancing abstract qualities.

j vimeo.com/67435551

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