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The WESSA/ WWF eco-schools programme is an innovative curriculum-based environmental education initiative supported by the national education department. It was launched in South Africa in 2003 to teach future generations about conservation and how it improves all of our lives.
Eco-schools is an internationally recognized programme operating in over 51 countries. 1200 South African schools, from rural under-resourced schools to private, independent schools are registered ensuring environmental action and responsibility at all levels, in all cultures and in all places.
Many valuable projects have been initiated by learners including water-wise food gardens, energy saving measures including solar cookers, removal of alien vegetation, cleaning up pollution and designing posters for social issues like HIV/AIDS.

Schools work toward their green flag through learning in the classroom and taking action around certain local issues they have identified in their schools and communities.
Once awarded schools need to show that they are sustaining and developing their projects on a yearly basis adding the important element of sustainability.

This short film was made possible by funding from Mazda:

Driven by the spirit of commitment Mazda reach out far beyond our vehicles, showrooms and factories, by nurturing our nation's wildlife through the Mazda Wildlife Fund. We are dedicated to protecting and preserving our rich and irreplaceable heritage. Since 1990, we've invested over R26 million into the Fund, and are committed to a future investment of R1,5 million per year, contributing towards a multitude of scientific endeavours critical for the survival of our planet in areas such as education, conservation and research. Currently Mazda Wildlife Fund supports 30 non-government and non-profit organization projects with 30 vehicles, covering aspect of conservation, research and environmental education. This year we have decided to take this commitment a step further by creating media content that profiles our organizations to help generate awareness and support around the admirable work that they are doing.

Mazda Wildlife Fund -

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