Yes, I know its been a long time since I've uploaded a video but that's just how life goes sometimes and there comes a time when changes appear that cause your life to be re routed but nevertheless I am still here and as long as Forza is around .. so will I ...
Not its not perfect but what ever is .. I dont believe in perfection of a video game so if its not to you .. again I'm sorry for you ..

I didn't go into so much detail as to creating an ending this time .. as I said before time does not permit it at the moment but I do still hope you'll enjoy it. As to the ones who care I when I gather the time to do such a thing you can guarantee that they will be some cool endings and crazy effects.

here is a list of all drivers featured in the video, I may have missed 1 or 2 people but if you are watching this pay attention because you may have just got in the video and not know it

From UT3 - Unique Techniqu3
UT3 Midnightz
UT3 Frozenheart
UT3 Aurora
UT3 Shadow
UT3 Ghostrider
UT3 Quarann
UT3 Zero
B Rich 88
DeTect FiRe
SCS Skreamies

From NMK - Noise Maker
NMK Mopar
NMK Mr Miyagi

From DUI - Drifting Under Influence
DUI Fallen
DUI Sp33dyG
DUI Epidemic

and Lastly TGF Gazoo - Team is unknown
No bias on this end if whether your apart of a different team or someone whom i just randomly ran into on a open lobby and we get a good tandem going? You can believe I will include you in it.

hope you enjoyed the video music choices were from my personal liking if you didn't like it then ... too bad .. you can't please everyone especially when it comes to music .. I try to have a variety of stuff that the majority would like but if that's not enough then .. hah, I'm sorry for you

j vimeo.com/63688659

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