Special thanks to:
Luke White and Atomic Tom for writing the two main tracks. Check out their music and seriously buy their album(s)

T.J. Hill for writing the beginning track. - buy his album, he is super gifted! for letting the team do this and having the leadership and vision necessary to produce this. The video dept is so good, has the best attitude, and are just very gifted.

This was a fun project to work on especially for a church that is tackling love and relationship. Of course like many projects we all work on, th budget was small, our team was made up of 4 people and I would have to track and animate all the footage within a 3-4 week period. It was pretty intense. We really needed the most basic of robot shapes to pull the "Trailer type" story off. Thats when we got our initial character design inspiration from a great film by Spike Jonze "I'm Here". Everyone should watch it, it's really good. The simple lo-fi box shape would be easy enough for me to track and animate. So credit and props to that film and it's creative for the idea inspiration.


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