Digital Cinematic Revolutions

carpe noctem is about four beautiful woman & a python called “Diesel!! All these lovely creatures have been thrown into a steamy seductive world with a very etherial feel as the lay amongst fresh hand picked flowers with amazing head pieces that were created just for this shoot together with the amazing make up it turned out a treat. The story is about 4 females each trying to seduce diesel which represents a male.Each giving us
sensual expressions as we gaze deeply into their eyes.
Slow leathery strokes on the snake as it slithers and glides over each beautiful female with facial expressions that are to die for was one of the most amazing shots in my shooting career its just something you don't see everyday!!

By Jeff Osman

Established / 2004
carpe diem films
P.O. Box 2203
St Kilda West 3182


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