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Every year, there are almost 3 billions visitors in Chinese hospitals, the situation tends to get worse. In a crowded and noisy environment, where doctors are over-occupied and patient don't trust their doctors, we can improve relation between doctors and patients by optimizing registering process. As a User Centered Designer, people is my inspiration, human behavior, technologies, and interactions fascinate me. From this alchemy comes my creativity, and the ability to provide smart solutions.

Smart Consulting Service has been designed to reconcile patients and doctors. The service is located at the hospital's entrance, it allows people to register and pre-consult themselves before seeing a doctor. Except for providing advice and guidance, the human-sized virtual assistant will guide patients through the pre-consulting process, all the way from their personal informations to their health recommendations. A touchable display, micro and camera's technology will detect people's disease and diagnose their vital signs. Once the pre-diagnosis step completes, the service will guide the patient to make an appointment with the appropriate or favorite doctor. Smart consulting service will send patient's health information and first-hand diagnosis to their assigned doctor, therefore making the consulting process more efficient and enjoyable.

Industrial Designer & Project Manager : Arthur Kenzo
Sound Designer : Martin Glitch
Nurse : Nelly
Patient : Jason Zhang

j vimeo.com/46894471

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