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Song: Time to Wander by Gypsy and the Cat

This was a personal project made during spring quarter 2011 at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. It was therapeutic really. I had a rough winter break and winter quarter, so as soon as the weather got better and everything started to turn around, I wanted to make something that would capture that feeling.

I wanted to use the song "Time to Wander" because as soon as I heard it in the middle of winter, I felt the warmth and comfort of the spring sun [sounds poetic, but you get it]. I typically use my projects as an outlet of expression; and most of the work I did in the winter was to let out some confusion and frustration, but this is the complete opposite of that. This is happy, real, and fun; and that's exactly how I felt this quarter.

I have a photo album that coincides with this video on my Flickr, some of which can be viewed along the side of this page or at this link: flickr.com/photos/mikemytnick/sets/72157626912677050/

I also used over 107GB's of footage to make this project, which I will sadly have to delete one day. HOWEVER. I have compiled the best parts into one long reel which can be viewed if you would like at the link below. The video is long and only accessible through this link, but if you have time to kill or are interested in the raw footage, head over!
On a technical side:

This was filmed with a Canon 7D

Finally, Special thanks to Steven Evans for being my communicator while filming at the Ohio University Aquatics Facility.

And a very very vveeeeerrryyy special thanks to all those who were apart of this [and everyone for putting up with me making this a bigger deal than it was] and those not shown who were apart of my spring quarter, it really has been great.

OH! And thanks for watching!

j vimeo.com/24846816

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