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Margaret did a fantastic job of organizing this meetup! A nice hike with nice views and some flower stamping (when the squirrel wasn't looking).
The campsite was nice and right next to a running stream. I hung my hammock on a slope next to the campsite and used my poncho as my tarp to cut down on weight. It was great to hike with Andrew , hope he doesn't wait so long to do it again. Wild Bill kept everyone laughing except when he poked a hole in his eye.
Some drama: Andrew stepped up and hiked Bill out to the road and hitched hiked to my van and took him to the hospital in Chattsworth. Wild got patched up and medicated and they THEN HIKED BACK TO US. It was midnight when they made it back to campsite and we were glad to see them!
Oh yeah, we had an adventure in a state park!! It seemed like everyone had me laughing the whole time...what a good time! Thanks again Squirrel and Mr. Monkey.
---Bobby, The Mammal---


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