Canon 600D / T3i

Music by: Halfnoise

2013 is proving to be a productive year! With seven projects already produced ranging from take-away-shows to a 32 min documentary, there doesn't seem to be any end in sight for projects in 2013! A full reel encompassing all of the work I've done in 2013 will be released toward the end of this year.

I am a creative artist who loves to push the limits and raise the bar for traditional visual media. My passion and heart beat is to use the arts and it’s unique characteristics to connect with people, to tell the human story, and to open people to new emotions, ideas, and realties.

To me, film is a beautiful thing. It’s a stunning collision of art forms, brought together to make something so entirely unique. Film has captivated me. The movement of the camera, the light dancing off the lens, the color that changes your emotions, the sound of the Orchestra that immerses you in the moment, this is beautiful.

Stories have always held my attention. Growing up I always enjoyed hearing stories, whether it be an outlandish bedtime story from my dad, or stories from my great uncle of him in his youth. There’s something captivating and something so pleasurable in stories. This is the beauty of cinema. It’s visual storytelling, and every aspect of the film tells a piece of the story, from shot composition, to script, to color grade; it all aids to the story telling process. And when it’s done, well, it is truly beautiful.

As for me, the kind of films that I truly enjoy both creating and watching, are the kind that tell the human story. And when I say the human story, I’m talking about the stories that tell of true reality, true humanity. The kind of stories that show the beauty of life in all it’s fragility and intricacy. The kind of stories where life isn’t Photoshoped perfect or glamorized Hollywood style. The kind of stories that are written into the human heart. For me, that’s what I love. And that’s what I want to create.

As far as experience goes, I am a creative artist and visual storyteller who has worked in film and visual arts for over half a decade. I have worked in numerous live event settings as a cameraman, filming bands and artists such as Seventh Day Slumber, December Radio, and Bethany Dillon to name a few. I have several years experience as a wedding filmmaker, and have also worked in the field of promotional spots, as well as filming and producing a number of other short films. I also have several years experience in the field of sports media, durring which I had the opportunity of interviewing 2006 Winter Olympian and season 19 Amazing Race contestant, Andy Finch. Furthermore In the start of 2013 I filmed, directed, and produced a 32 minute long documentary which was set in one of Far East Asia’s most influential countries.

I’m based out of Portland ME, and work globally. If you are interested in me and my work, please contact me at: Also find me on Twitter at: or feel free to check out my blog at:

All of the work you see in this reel is my own unless otherwise stated.

Furthermore if you would like to see a more comprehensive reel please go to:


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