Canon 600D / T3i

Cannes, March 2014 – Creative Agency Assembly Studios and Holition, experts in advanced 3D digital experiences, once again collaborated to create an innovative and engaging user experience for trade show visitors to the 01 Properties stand at MIPIM.

O1 Properties, one of the largest owners and managers of a portfolio of high quality office properties in Moscow, invited visitors to run through its various properties on a 52”screen with a simple hand gesture (very much like the famous scene in Minority Report with Tom Cruise). When approaching the screen the camera detects a human presence and triggers an intro video; by holding a flat hand up and closing it to form a fist the motion activates a range of functions such as viewing images of a property, map or location.

Holition has applied the latest technology, usually only found in computer games, and adapted it for the commercial market. With the use of a Creative Senz3D device designed for short range interactions the two lenses of the camera can detect with 3D precision, rather than two dimensionally, the minuscule movements of the hand which allows the visitor to literally ‘wave’ through The O1 Properties’ portfolio.

Matt Fairman CEO at Assembly Studios said “We are really thrilled to be partnering with Holition again – the collaboration works on so many levels drawing from our inter-disciplinary teams creativity and sector experience and Holition’s knowledge of emerging technologies from other industries and their ability to re-apply them back to the property sector. It’s a great formula for creating genuinely creative and engaging experiences that ordinarily would be confined to much higher budget B2C advertising campaigns and brand activation experiences.”

Sanj Surati, Experiential Producer at Holition said “Many organisations are really beginning to understand the importance of engaging with their customers and it is great to have this opportunity to show our cutting edge technology at this major trade event. We are seeing more and more companies from different industries starting to use emerging technology as an exciting way of targeting its customers - by adopting this technology are able to tell their story to a wider digital audience.”

For further information please contact
Fiona Spence - Holition
Tel: +44 (0) 207 583 9203


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