Seven Days Without Plastic

When we visited the Big island, we found stories of Trash Beach, famous for the huge piles of trash, mostly plastic, that washes up on the shores near South Point - a place where eddies in the ocean currents drive garbage onto the rocky lava.

We learned in Hilo that enormous quantities of trash cover the huge centers of the giant ocean circulations, and that some passes through the Hawaiian Islands, and gets trapped.

Most stays in the ocean indefinitely. We saw many examples of animals killed or injured by this garbage, at the museum in Hilo, then decided to film it ourselves.

Across the Pacific Ocean and the other great oceans of the world, we find huge piles of garbage collecting along the shorelines - and at the centers of huge ocean currents as they circulate.

Many animals are killed by this trash, this garbage of rope and nets and bottles and shoes - all the stuff we forget, that washes out to sea.

Pierre and Krista find these on the South Point of the Big Island of Hawai'i

Produced by: Pierre Terre, 5/29/2008
Language: English
Run Time: 2 min. 48 sec.
Story Level 1 = Intended for all children or adults


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