Seven Days Without Plastic

Project: Southern Tier
Episode 3
From: Alpine, TX
To: New Orleans, LA.
Topics: Return to Organics, Christianity and the Environment, Erosion, Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Surge Barrier (INHC), The Dead Zone, Bead ReUSE in New Orleans.

Way back in 2008, when George W. Bush was still running the country, I rode a bicycle across the Southern Tier of the United States to document different environmental perspectives. At the time of the ride my Dad was going through Chemo and his first Bone Marrow Transplant. My Brother's girlfriend Meghan, age 24 was three years into chemo for colon and liver cancer. Sadly, Meghan's fight with cancer ended July 2009.

During the making of this documentary I did not tell anyone I interviewed about my proximity to cancer. But it was the proximity to cancer that continued to get me further across the country on a bicycle everyday. More and more the thinking with cancer is that it exists in all of our DNA. The triggers to manifest cancer come from the environment around us. Through out the bike ride ride I thought constantly of the fight that my Dad and Meghan were going through everyday.

I wanted to know what people thought about the polluted planet we live on. Do they ask themselves about water and air quality issues? Is the food they are eating safe for human consumption? What do you think about climate change? Does God play a role in keeping the planet clean?

Unique to Episode 3 is an examination of 2 topics that threaten public safety along the coast of Louisiana, The Dead Zone and Erosion. Discover why these things are happening and don't forget to see for your self what the Army Corps of Engineers is calling the largest civil works project in history.


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