Digital arts and post new media

The "Artistic Bokeh Display" shows cultural artefacts of the DIY/hacker/modder scene, opening up to discourses of said communities and projects: with reconfiguration and new ab/usages of technology new cultural and artistic practices are possible, that transform not only the (media) arts, but any form of contemporary production. Artist interviews among short documentaries of artistic projects are presented, that connect to international discourses and experiments in media, arts, science and design.

Prayas Abhinav: mas*ing, closed circuit communication device ( Tracking Cookies, laser-cut qr-code cookies / emotion mapping (

Fran Ilich: Spacebank - A Latin American virtual community investment bank trading online since the beginning of the Otra Campaña Zapatista in 2005. ( /

Artistic Bokeh: BitCoinCloud (


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