Shot on 16mm Film

I was the Production Designer and an on-set dresser on this Short Film.

Story: Set in 1930s NYC. Newspaper Editor, Johnny has his hands full with a missing jewel, bumbling police, gangsters and his ex-wife.

the short harkens back to films like His Girl Friday, with whip-fast banter. There's also a lot of moody film noir style
It was a fun yet challenging film to work on. It was a period piece with a low budget. Trying to find period accurate props and dressing was the hardest challenge. The set decoration is a mix of old and new. Thankfully film is kind. Especially with a shallow depth of field, which can help obscure that most of your books are modern hardbacks.

This is a Non Profit/ Non Commercial Short Film. Shot on super 16mm Film at Full Sail University.


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