Luis Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican actor in his mid 30's who has been given the opportunity to star in a major Hollywood film. Though he’s excited for this opportunity, something doesn’t feel right. All he wants to do is live out his dream as an actor...but at what price? This is Congratulations Mr. Gonzalez!

Written, Produced, and Directed by Victor Cruz
Edited by Victor Cruz

Starring: Victor Cruz, George Pappas, Stephen Kilcullen, Christopher Lorenzo, Katie Koster, and Margarita Tavarez.

Director of Photography: Victor Oliveira
Additional footage by: Malcolm J. Goodwin
1st AD: Melody Rose Vendrell
Production Manager: Alexandra Gutierrez
Haor & Make-Up: Maria Mango & Ingrid Okola
Scenic Design: George Diaz
Costume Designer: Jenna Faith
Consultant: Enlightment
Prop Master: Glenys Javier
Sound: Dave Groman
Production Assistants: Gilbert Tucker, Michael Harper, Fernando Tapia Jr., Kenneth West, Rafael Mendoza, and Glenys Javier.

Special thanks to Fernando Tapia Sr & Fernando Tapia, Charlie Vargas, The East Harlem Business Capital Coroporation. And to everyone who took part in fundraising funds for this film.

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