Starring your friends: Txai, Mitzi, Shawn, Brian, Evan, Brian, and Alex.

What starts out as just a workshop of a new play turns into so much more...

Yuan is a successful writer. Yuan thinks he has found the girl of his dreams. Yuan is in love and is ready to start the rest of his life. Yuan... doesn't know that he is in a play.

Dramatic Paws follows Yuan and his newly found friend Stu through an existential adventure of epic proportions. Questions about life, love and humanity are asked and answered in this "play within a play" in which Yuan and Stu encounter a bumbling stagehand, a self obsessed narrator, a beautiful woman and a violent yet majestic drunken bear. The group must work together in order to find facts and ultimately discover their true purpose in life.


j vimeo.com/59547310

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