slow motion

Born with a rhythm shaking from his hips, people pay to see the way his body dips.
The metronome count is his tempo for life, the whole world mesmerized, his moves cut like a knife.

Saving strangers and pets, the mask sees no difference.
The cape flaps in the wind, waiting for their deliverance.

Women stumble at first sight, they just can't get a grip.
A rumored 40-inch vertical, only makes his pants rip.

Girls he is free for the taking, he even loves kids, too.
A steady job, pays the bills, even rents a place, who knew?

Seems so normal by the day, a trusty savior come the night.
Perched on watch from the trees, climbing high like a kite.

A combat roll to the ground, a spin and slide to your door.
Call for help and he's there, not to question rapport.

He simply grooves from the top till the time reads zero.
A trusty man with a mask, our hometown Hip Hop Hero.


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