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Directed By Darcy Prendergast

Director(s) of Photography
Andrew Goldsmith, Jeremy Blode

VFX Supervisor
Andrew Goldsmith

Darcy Prendergast
Seamus Spilsbury
Assistant Animators
Josh Thomas
Jeremy Blode
Michael Greaney
Sam Lewis
Andrew Goldsmith

Paige Prendergast

Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Andrew Goldsmith
Jeremy Blode

Motion Control
Glenn Anderson

Art Direction
Darcy Prendergast

Editor & Colourist
Andrew Goldsmith

Andrew Goldsmith
Josh Thomas

Ben Matthews

Model Makers
Michael Greaney
Josh Thomas
Benjamin Aguesse

Set Builders
Seamus Spillsbury
David Pennay
Cody Sevedge
Benjamin Aguesse
Wes Starr
Jeremy Blode

Production Manager
Nicky Pastore

Cardboard Flame Painters
Fiona Dalwood
Shaun Stares
Nora Juncker
Giulia Sandri
James Bailey

Music credits:
Produced by Wally De Backer

Mixing and additional production by Francois Tetaz,
assisted by Andy Stewart and Wally at
The Mill, Gippsland, VIC

Bass guitar: Lucas Taranto
Drums, percussion, guitar and orchestra samples,
Lead and backing vocals: Wally
Contains samples from Echoette as performed by Buddy Merrill. Licensed courtesy of Accent Records


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