Raiders of the Lost Park

"Run Down Aberdeen" investigates the perceived decline in the city of Aberdeen, how it came about and how certain initiatives which are being brought forth by the City Council will affect this, the city's assets and the city's population.

Aberdeen is at the centre of the European Oil Industry with the highest proportion of millionaires, highest average wage and highest house and rental prices in Scotland. However, on the other side of the equation is a city with areas of multiple deprivation, insufficient infrastructure for the heavy industry it supports and a City Council with a £150 Million deficit.

Featuring interviews with local councillors, MPs, Writers and Aberdonians investigating the reactions to the City's current condition and details of certain developments within the city which appear to be pushing towards privitization, commercialisation and a bias towards the desires of the city's business community at the expense of the city's citizens.

Trailer soundtrack 'Ropes' by Indian Red Lopez


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