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The new VFM-056WP on-board monitor from TV Logic is ideal for working with HDSLRs and Compact HD cameras. Ergonomic design and user-friendly functions streamline your rig and offer monitoring solutions in a lightweight package.

The main reason the VFM-056WP works so well with HDSLR cameras is its ability to convert an HDMI signal to HD-SDI. Many people wish to convert their HDSLR video output into HD-SDI for monitoring. While signal converters exist, they require separate power and take up real estate on the camera. The VFM-056WP converts the HDMI input signal to a 720P HD-SDI output. This is a huge advantage, as it saves the cost of a separate signal converter and the power required for its operation.

The VFM-065WP monitor further addresses the scaling issue that occurs between monitoring and recording functions. The monitor includes a display menu item called DSLR scale. HDMI output from the Canon 5D is 1920×1080, but when the camera is in record mode, the HDMI signal converts to 640×480. The VFM-056WP will take in the HDMI signal and rescale the image to 720×480.

In addition to working well with HDSLR cameras, this small monitor works great with just about every professional camera today. Weighing in at just over a half pound, the options and routing solutions of the VFM-056WP on-board monitor from TV Logic will be hard to beat. Watch my video for an even more in-depth look.

For more info on the TV Logic VFM-056WP Monitor, visit our product page: For more info on the TV Logic VFM-056WP Monitor

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