As we climb Moulton Peak, we will have the unique opportunity of passing through four different periods of geologic time, each with visible evidence of the physical events that existed at the time. The rocks representing each time period are beautifully stacked on one another much like you would see in the Grand Canyon. The rocks vividly support the changing events that took place in Aliso - Wood Wilderness Park starting about 17 million years ago with a an ocean much like our own Eastern Pacific. We climb upward through a time when huge submarine landslides slid off if a large landmass not far off of our modern coastline, which in time would be covered with a local limestone "reef" covering roughly six miles in length. This is where we'll see the fossils of scallops, oysters and sand dollars. Finally near the top of our 600' climb, after passing through a gap in time, we'll arrive for a fantastic view of our coastal hills and the last of the four time periods.

Hosted by Max Borella, Executive Director, Laguna Canyon Foundation
Special Guest - John Wilkerson, LCF Naturalist

Produced, filmed and edited by Jim Karnik Films, fieldnotes.com

j vimeo.com/68873656

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