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STATUS: Pilot available May 2011 - 13'
/ Serie in development
STYLE: Artainment
FORMAT: HD / English
Flex Prod production 2011
Directed by Franck PROVVEDI
Director of Photography Henry Rodriguez Ortiz
Producer: Camille BAJOT
Full credit on demand.
Additional investors and broadcasters welcome
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“All motion is cyclic. It circulates to the limits of its possibilities and then returns to its starting point.” Robert Collier


This High Definition documentary about the contemporary artist Gavin Rain was shot on 12th July 2010 right after the end of the successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2010 by South Africa. Over and above the typical style of documentaries dealing with art, “A Portrait of Gavin Rain” was not made by the purist and is not only addressed to art experts. Captivated by the beauty of the scenes and images, the spectators are immediately absorbed by the charisma, the vision and analytical disposition of Gavin Rain; about his art, South African society and the World Cup legacy. But there is also much discussion about human nature; Gavin’s philosophy is deep and practical, that is why his art is becoming universal, just as the documentary aims to be.

A word from the Director, Franck PROVVEDI

I met Gavin in February when we were searching locations in South Africa for our second documentary about football (“Life is a Game, Football is Life”). While proceeding with the interview of the artist in order to discover his world, I got fascinated with the art and the thoughts of Gavin Rain.

Capetonian pointillist/neo-pointillist painter exposed in Africa, Asia, United States, New Zealand and Europe, Gavin offers us a trip inside the ways of creativity. After studies in neuropsychology, he changed his life for painting.

We cannot define what an artist is, but we can shoot him in action and, by way of colours, enter into a deep world of tall buildings contrasted by the seaside of Cape Town where he lives.

Called by FIFA to paint on the World Cup 2010 theme, it was an intuitive curiosity that pushed me; I wanted to know more about him.

I think we cannot be artists without actions, we cannot be a soccer player without playing, and we cannot be an actor without acting. An artist is always in action.

How does African society become inspired, procure and experience pain and joy through Art? What did the World Cup change for the Rainbow Nation?

These will be some of the trendy subjects that will help us to make a full connection with Gavin Rain in action.
Franck Provvedi – Senigalia, Italia

Gavin Rain artistic Statement:

"We underestimate the role played by those who came before us in our actions, and indeed in the fabric of our environment. Many of our actions, and the events we participate in are shaped by the hands of those whose memory and message is all but lost. We need to re-examine, expose and celebrate these people and recognize their continuing contributions to society. We need to step back to see this more often. I want to introduce this dialog into my work – to force people to consider the notion of understanding the visual (and thereby society) at multiple levels. To voice the idea that one needs to remove oneself almost entirely from the literal in order to comprehend that which is subtle, but nevertheless intrinsic." The themes of my work often echo the style: Hidden in plain sight.

And a translation of all that:

We never really stop and notice and value the people that make You didn't just become you, other people helped with that along the way. Right from the beginning I wanted to paint in a style that everyone could understand. Actually, that everyone would HAVE to understand. To see my paintings you have to take part in the process of stepping back. You have to walk away from the painting. This is my way of commenting on people: There's so much of us that's hidden in plain sight. When we step back, we can see it.
Gavin RAIN


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