Episode #7 of B2B.

Sean Dietrich is a huge, festering, untamed talent. As San Diego’s top live painter, Dietrich has lashed his paint, pain and egomaniacal perspective across the faces of hundreds of helpless canvasses during more than 700 live events earning him over 70 art awards. His published works include “industriacide,” “Fervor,” “Mess,” “Catalepsy,” and the upcoming books “The Nazi and the Rabbit,” “The Fruits of Our Labor,” and “I Brought the Gutter,” a compendium of art celebrating 10 years of Dietrich’s live painting. His weird artistic and literary productions have garnered comparisons to Ralph Steadman, Tim Burton, Hunter S. Thompson and Orson Welles. Dietrich’s Jameson-bred talent has infected the graphic novel, comic, gaming and film industries, laying waste to each with nihilistic abandon. When not submerged in his chamber of black ink and golden booze, Dietrich relishes in the simple pleasures of life like sliding down the edges of a glass of whiskey, drowning with abandon in the company of his girlfriend.

You can check him out at facebook.com/seandietrich


Eclectique Culture

Music: Aphex Twin - Window Licker

j vimeo.com/24745162

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