JRubyConf 2010

It's often the case that the difference between a thriving technology business and a bankrupt one has less to do with technology and more to do with the business of technology. In other words: if you've ever lost a Ruby contract to a company that specializes in COBOL (or god forbid, Cold Fusion) than this talk is for you; If you've ever had your team lead say "Ruby looks interesting, but I think we'll stick with Perl" than this talk is really for you.

We're going to arm you with the essentials of talking to people who speak business first and geek (otherwise known as commonsense) a distant third. We'll give you techniques to win arguments before they begin, influence technical decisions from across the room, and negotiate your way out of a bad contract or situation with a puff of smoke. We even have a special training section: how to get your Java loving team onto the JRuby crack-pipe. We might even give you some groovy split toed shoes so people don't hear your new bad-ass business skills as you slide up behind them to kill their problems with a well placed verbal slash*.

(* Okay, I lied - no Tabi Socks)

j vimeo.com/16518420

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