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Synopsis -

This is a 'call to action' film that addresses the issues of pet overpopulation, unnecessary euthanasia, the economic woes and its effects on animal shelters, kill shelters, puppy mills, animal abuse and so much more. We visit with the Lawrence Humane Society as they work tirelessly to keep great pets in good homes. Midge Grinstead (Director of the Lawrence Humane Society) discusses her struggles with funding, owner turn ins, adoption problems and her own emotional attachment to abused and mistreated dogs. At the same time we visit with the Safe Harbor Prison Dogs Program as they rescue dogs from a puppy mill and take them to a local prison where inmates care for and rehabilitate dogs for adoption. Brett Peterson (Head of Safe Harbor Prison Dogs) also discusses his struggles with many of the same issues. The film shows a spirit and a kind of hope, for these lovable animals, that one day someone will let them share their lives with them.

"The Littlest Ones" features music from: The Noise FM, Jenny Cummings and Taylor King.

Changing lives one dog at a time.


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