oh boy....

Nicole is a talented dancer and dear friend who just happens to be an amazing model as well. She's always peppy and moving, so I find it helps to have music playing during our photo shoots. Here she is unable to resist the beat.

Check out much more of Nicole in my publication, NSFW Magazine: nsfwmagazine.tumblr.com/

ISSUE 1: magcloud.com/browse/Issue/125976
ISSUE 2: magcloud.com/browse/Issue/160670
ISSUE 3: magcloud.com/browse/issue/206988
ISSUE 4: magcloud.com/browse/issue/290861
ISSUE 5: magcloud.com/browse/issue/299270
ISSUE 6: magcloud.com/browse/issue/391890
ISSUE 7: magcloud.com/browse/issue/441255

j vimeo.com/19513767

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