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A contemplativ, oniric, visceral film.
A no-budget, independent film.
A movie about the living silence around us.
Something out of Nick Cave's poetry.
A movie not made to like.
A movie about the sick world of human intimacy.

Irina comes upset from work, next day she goes out to meet a guy to have sex with him. Their relationship is very weird and off-beat and even if they don't like each other so much, they want to go into bed with each other. And then their relationship goes so much farther than sex.

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Articles about the movie:

Miriam Rizea
Radu Craciun
Elena Vasilache

produced by
Anda Petrache
Alexandru Dorobantu

cinematography by
Sorin Nainer

art director
Ioan George Pancenu

a film by
Andrei Stefanescu


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