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Hollywood is an experimental 8mm film that illustrates the text in a diary of my grandfather. The film is notionally divided into two parts - “landscape of memories” and “landscape of fear and death”. Grandpa here remembers his childhood in Dolní Loučky, which is also associated with the death of his grandfather, friends, that he had there in childhood and last but not least, the place where he wants his last rest. The second part of his character is intertwined with the “landscape of fear” which is filmed near Litvinov, bleak countryside illustrates his concern about a retirement home and a gradual loss of his will to live. He illustratively passes through this country, trying to find his salvation.

Dominating in him are black and white images of different realities, where something happened to him that he is, at the moment, retrospectively remembering (friends ect.) during which his portrait is showed to the audience basically in the moment when it’s not expected – one of the strongest moments is the point where he speaks about himself almost metaphysically: „ I am a shapeless snuggly ball, that doesn’t understand anything, doesn’t know anything, which is why the biggest punishment must be executed. Death touched me. I don’t know how, no one believes me, but it is so. I’m finished talking.”

- Zuzana Janečková, VLNA magazine 55/2013

j vimeo.com/46673619

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