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first video in the Caffenol/Kodachrome 40/DIY telecine experiments.

Shot a cart of Kodachrome 40 on super8 and hand developed with the Caffenol-C M process.

Once dried, the film was DIY telecined with a rag-tag set-up comprising of (and in order) a Canon 60D, a M42 macro bellows, a Helios 2x Teleconverter, a Helios 58mm 44m4 lens with a +4 close up filter all shooting into a modified Eumig 502D (the bulb was replaced with a flat panel LED)

Puddle with ripples shot with Canon Autio Zoom 1014 at 54fps and conformed to 24fps but slowed down a further 50% in post.

the original negative possess a lovely sepia coffee stained aesthetic - once inverted it looses the effect, so this footage has been colour graded to try emulate the effect.

the whole process is still a work in progress.

Music is by "The Caretaker" - A Stairway to the stars

j vimeo.com/49255053

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