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Here's some Kodachrome Double 8 (standard 8) from 1966 showing street scenes from Anapolis, Brasil. Scanned on our FlashscanHD at 50fps and rendered at 16fps 720p. That milkman doesn't spill a drop when he fills the bottle and look for the kid 'gobbing' while he glances at the camera. You can still buy a gadget like the orange peeler but nowhere near as well engineered as the one being used here.
This film was destined for the rubbish bin but rescued by a colleague, it has clearly been shown a lot of times and has picked up a lot of dust and dirt over the past 46 years. We've given it a basic clean before scanning to remove the loose stuff - but just look at the colour. That's Kodachrome for you.

j vimeo.com/49872507

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