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An experimental documentary about a strange person (Čapatý Ján) who lived in the family of my grandmother. The story is based on memories of few members of my family, who remember this guy. Because he had no family, he disappeared from the local memory. He has no grave, no one remembers him nowadays in the village he lived in. The movie is a portrait of the village and the places where he lived. A reconstruction of a strange person, only by the unclear memories of my family members and the place he lived.

The impressive and abstract approach was chosen in the next joined episode of Čapatý Ján (2013), where the image of this man appears only for 7 seconds, during which, the audience, engrossed in the whole visuals and atmosphere, doesn’t spot this the first time, but imagines him the whole time. The story is constructed as a collage of black and white picture fragments, which are analogously cut and filled in by post productive extreme sound recordings. This strange roadmovie is in itself basically a double-feature – of Ján Čapatý and present time appearance of the region Čáry.

- Zuzana Janečková, VLNA magazine 55/2013

j vimeo.com/67168979

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