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ABOUT THIS VIDEO (Recorded September 2010):
With characteristic common sense, 'Captain Climate Change' explains how and why the 'Toxic Economy' ultimately delivers diminishing returns to human beings.

We live within a 'single-bottom-line' market system that increasingly encourages transactions & interventions (to attract tax for government & create wealth for business).
Is this HEALTHY? Does it make us WEALTHY or even WISE?

What could it mean for the future of human sustainability?
What will happen if (in response to rising prices and debt levels and GFC carry-on) people again seek to return to the once 'normal' practice of growing and sharing of food; harvesting of their own water, production of their own energy as ways to help meet their daily needs?
Will sustainability threaten 'The Toxic Economic Drivers' in our world (like governments, businesses, media, academia and the legal sectors) will laws like Mining rights over-ride Farming Rights? (See daily papers & stock markets for answers)
Who is in charge of our collective future?
Authority or community?
Some people think that humans are in change, others think it is the 'ghost in the machine'. What do you think is happening? What do you think would be best for our kids?

In Part 2: (TBA)
Captain Climate Change will explore the idea of a Sustainable 'Change Economy' & Integrated 'Market Ecology' where core principles as Policy enable People to Profit as Planet is managed to ensure sustainable success for the future of humanity... a Mindful Modern Future designed by, for and with large groups of Mindful Human Beings.
Until then, Captain Climate Change uses this video to pose a series of questions that lead us toward considering a Paradigm Shift, as we wonder:
Is Ecological Sustainability for humans possible within a Toxic Economy?
Whether Yes or No; must we pollute, toxify and consume our way to UNDERSTANDING that:

"Only after the last tree has been cut down.
Only after the last river has been poisoned.
Only after the last fish has been caught.
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."
(Cree Nation Philosophy)

But wait there's Hope:
Einstein suggests
'We shall have to embrace a substantially new manner of being if mankind is to survive...'
Darwin proposed
'It is not the fittest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most adaptable to change...'
Kahlil Gibran reminded us all that our
'Work is love made visible.'
and Marshall Ferdinand Foch declared:
'The most powerful weapon in the universe is the human soul on fire...'

In Part 2, Captain Climate Change will ask:
'What do You Love?
How will you Work?
Toward a More sustainable Human Future?
Your Community Needs You
as much as
You Need Your Community.

Your children need you to decide:
Sooner Rather than later.

As Paul Bishop, a dear friend to Captain Climate Change suggests:
"The metric for sustainability is not carbon nor cash, it is children...
"If we (individually or collectively; mindlessly or mindfully) behave in ways that are toxic to their future; we must learn to stop:, re-think, adjust, adapt, re-arrange, re-create, co-create, then evolve to change our ways of seeing, being and doing.
"Or, we should happily invite them to enjoy a delicious meal where we slowly, but surely eat both our own and their futures away...
"If this is the case, at least 'start at the knees, please.'"

Have a wonderful day, kids!
Til next time!

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