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A series of art works «CHARTREUSE: 7 STARS - ALL INCLUSIVE», devoted old eremitical order, also called the Order of Saint Bruno, in Western Europe - the Carthusians (lat., Ordo Cartusiensis, OCart).

How does an artist connect to the world while working alone? In this video, ukrainian contemporary artist Volodymyr Domchuk demonstrate process of creating some of abstract paintings in his Kyiv, Obolon studio. Painting in isolation, Volodymyr realizes both the pleasures and anxieties of working in solitude. Throughout the film, Volodymyr looks outside of his daily studio process for connections to the world, taking stock of viewer's responses to his work, finding inspiration in both books and the urban environment, and situating his paintings in an art and spiritual historical traditions. Applying acrylic paint with unique techniques—varies spatulas, brush and other tools —Volodymyr builds up layers by layers of marks over several weeks into complex shapes and patterns unrealistic textures. Asserting that abstraction is about "trying to undo the nameable things in life," Volodymyr describes his paintings as being about "seeing through to other worlds." 
Volodymyr Domchuk lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Domchuk ART представляет HD видео посвященное серии художественных работ «Chartreuse : 7 Stars – All Inclusive» и процессу создания картин в своей одинокой киевской студии.
Горная дорога... Дождь... Размышления... Свет...
Жизнь, также как и создание картины, - это дорога, движение, процесс. Дистанция от одного вздоха к другому, от одного слоя краски к другому. Зачем? Чтобы ощущать жизнь и все, что в ней происходит.


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