contemporary art video, visual arts

We are ONDÉ, a transmedia collective based in Berlin.
We create new experiences and scenographies by confronting light, video-mapping, painting, music, tape art, in a live situation (Parties, installa- tions, theater). We question the idea of reality, playing at the frontier of tangible and illusion.
The Paint-Mapping performance took place at the Kater Holzig in October 2014. This performance takes place in the general ambience of a party, as a focus among others, as an ongoing process (DJ, Bar, lights, etc).

The encounter between light and painting
Duration: 3h more or less 1h depending on the party concept. 1hour composition building + 1 hour details + 1 hour VJing.

This performance aims to show the creative process of making a light and painting composition. The painter and the “mapper” create a piece in realtime together. A dynamic play where situations of balance, battle, supporting each other takes place, as the whole picture emerges.
After 1 hour, an abstract graphic construct is set and a game of light rythms, de-re-structure the space of the painting according to the live music.

Beamer 6000 to 10000 AINSI
Painting surface, black or white.
Acrylic Paint.


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