48 Hour Film Projects


This is a short film for 48h Film Project Warsaw competition.
Basically this means that this film was made in just 48 hours - writing, filming, editing etc all during one extremely intense weekend.
Each team competing had to draw their film category. Ours was Crime
The rest of the rules were the same for each team :
- there should be a character named Stefan Wu-Gong and he is a Zen teacher
- there had to be a balloon in the film
- there had to be a line: "I derive energy from other people smiles" (free translation)

Creative team: Asia Paździórko, Kachna Baraniewicz, Karol Kołodziński, Tomek Szymański, Marcin Skoczylas
Director: Karol Kołodziński
Cinematographer: Kachna Baraniewicz
Script: Asia Paździórko
Sound: Bartek Krynicki
Cast: Tomek Szymański, Marta Kaczorowska, Jacek Tybuszewski, Marcin Skoczylas, Julita Rawecka, Paweł Nolbert

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