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THIS IS THE END is a research project by Marta Ferretti and Gaia Martino, invited as curators in residency at the Errant Bodies project space. This research investigates the relationship between narration and public space in the specific context of Berlin, in collaboration with artists that propose different points of view on the possibility to imagine a narrative topography of the city.

Between May 8th and May 12th the Errant Bodies project space, research studio during the residency period, has been opened to the public with interventions by Gilles Aubry, El Cocuy, Jacopo Gallico and Marco Giani. It has been presented in parallel the curators' specific research about the neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg, developed during the residency period: in this context the project O.S.T. takes place, it welcomes the kind collaboration of several Berlin based musicians for the composition of site specific soundtracks.

Starting from the idea that space is not merely an abstract concept but it exists in the experience of everyone, public space could be considered as always open. It is an on-going process, a work in progress constantly produced by personal and collective involvment. It is a never ended result, every time determined by how space is oriented, situated and temporalized by the perception of the people.

Without strict boundaries, public space could be considered an entity shaped by the processes and by the physical places where communication and exchange arise, wherever is possible negotiation of the parties involved. We refer to narration as one of these sites of negotiation, as a product of collective tensions where subjectivities may be produced and recognized.

THIS IS THE END is a frame of reflection about these issues, a space for discussion deliberately left open.
All the artists involved have contributed with their point of view to enrich the discussion; finally, the open studio is the occasion for sharing the practical results of these reflections.
Working on everyday perception of the city’s space, confronting different practices, from field recordings to live performance, from walking to imagining, from ping pong playing to soundtracks composing, the invited artists reflect in a kaleidoscopic and site specific way on their action into specific places of the city and their memory of collective habitation.

THIS IS THE END aims to propose a different possibility of considering our relationship with places, using the prism of narrative as a priviliged point of view from which it is possibile to engage with the urban space and imagining a different topography. Like a compass, the Errant Bodies project space is presented now as a possible key to activate a narrative topography of Berlin. It will be the place where artists will write the words ‘THE END’ to their stories and this same end may become the beginning for the experience of other people.


Supported by

DEMO / MOVIN'UP II sess. 2012 by MINISTERO PER I BENI E LE ATTIVITA' CULTURALI and GAI (Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani


Brandon Labelle, Vincenzo Gagliardi, Valeria Merlini, Tatjana Fell, Stefania Donzelli, Valentina Marinone, Bob Meanza, Pillowdiver, Claudio Rocchetti, Da Baffi, Altes Finanzamt, Buchhandlung LeseGlück, Luca Facci, Davide Pizzoli, Iku Sakan, Francesco Provenzano, Jan Preißler.



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