The demon possessing Scratchen causes some sort of fanged creature to emanate from and blend with Scratchen's ear.

From my perspective, the ear elongated like a snake, and the end of it snapped at me, also like a snake.

This video clip does not do the experience justice; but, you can see clearly that the ear did elongate by the position of the ear itself, and the position of Scratchen's eyes as you skim the clip frame-by-frame. In other words, the position of the ear and eyes are not where they would be if the ear had not elongated.

Also, you can see the demon that possesses Scratchen in a frame-by-frame skim at the very beginning. Watch her morph from a blended demon and Scratchen to just Scratchen by skimming frame-by-frame, and then doing the math, so to speak.

j vimeo.com/38606467

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