F# Talks

Event: meetup.com/nyc-fsharp/events/144681162/

In this talk, we'll look at two exciting open-source projects from the F# community and we'll put them together to build REST and HTML5 based web applications using all the goodies of F# including static typing, asynchronous workflows, type providers and nice tooling.

We'll look how to work with CSV, XML and JSON data using the F# Data library (fsharp.github.io/FSharp.Data). These can be useful outside of the web, but the main topic for this talk is the Web, so we'll focus on calling REST APIs in a simple and type-safe way. We'll also have a quick look at an experimental type provider that automatically imports an entire REST API described using Apiary.io (apiary.io).

Next, we'll move from developing and calling server-side to the client. We'll look at FunScript (funscript.info) which is a light-weight F# library that lets you easily develop single-page applications running as JavaScript. Expect some elegant F# code using asynchronous workflows to express user interaction and type providers to call REST services, but all running live as JavaScript on your phone!

j vimeo.com/77357721

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