Video and Music by Tommaso Caverni.
Tribes are formed and survive by developing ideas that transcend the individual and the time of human life. A cage inside which scroll through the images of a cemetery and a jacket painted white, closed around wooden beams, open reflection on appearance: a dress that seems to hide a life, the rituals around death and limits, abstract and concrete, which mark the boundaries between groups of men.
Through a reinterpretation of the same, this video describes and summarizes the work carried out on the occasion of the exhibition TRIBAL at "La Corte Arte Contemporanea" (Florence, 2 to 14 October 2012). The three videos in the upper part of the screen were shot during the inauguration of the exhibition, while the one that occupies the lower part is the same projected by the TV, place inside the cage, for the installation.

j vimeo.com/62371684

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