Corpus Christi- NYU Tisch School of the Arts 2007

Choreography/Performer: Matthew Oaks

Music: JS Bach: Ave Maria- Performed by Andrea Bocelli, Rufus Wainwright: Gay Messiah

This solo parallels the hate surrounding homosexuality with the persecution surrounding the final days of Christ. A headless suit comes to life, set to a score including Bach's "Ave-Maria" & Rufus Wainwright's "Gay Messiah". Drawing text from T. Mcnally's Corpus Christi and Matthew Shephard: The Laramie Project, an abstract narrative is formed through movement, taking the audience on an emotional journey through the harsh reality of hate-crimes. The viewer is left with the haunting image of the lifeless suit hanging on a garment rack as a PSA informs that in over 80 countries it is illegal to be considered a Homosexual.

j vimeo.com/9436771

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