Construction Paper Animation

340 or so frames, each its own 3x5 index card collage. Shot at 10 cards per second.

try hitting pause at any point as there a lot of frames that stand alone as really cool non-moving images.

the sound consists of free sound-effects files off the Internet and about 15 simultaneous speeches, conversations, crowds, etc. mostly from or youtube (pulled down with tooble) in the scene where you can see the lined index cards, the sample is a cash register from first few sec of the "Are You Being Served?" themesong...

this video has the project looped through twice to demonstrate how it can work as a front-to-back looping installation or something like that.

BUT! You can also view it as a loop on vimeo if you right click on the play button and select the looping option (click the words about looping and then they should read "looping is on" or something)

this is my Final project for Collage Class


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