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Original clips downloadable. Please read the description before commenting.

Recently I was given a Sony A7s with a metabones EF to E-mount mk IV adapter by Rexfilm to try. I've been interested in this camera for a long time now, and while I can't share work done for clients - I did record three quick test scenes to publish.

Intention and definition of the test:
I am going to use my A7s mainly for HD projects, and occasionally next to an F55 if a situation warrants a full-frame sensor or extremely high ISO. My purpose with this test was to see what the internally recorded HD footage looks like in what could be considered "extreme" situations for a camera, especially in s-log2 mode at high ISO's. I was interested in noise levels, dynamic range, tolerance to over and under exposure, low light capability, and color rendition.

I recorded a model and a color chart with increasing ISO (and compensated with the iris) in 3 different settings: sunset, dusk with streetlights, and by the light of a single candle. The candle scene was the only one that was fully controlled lighting-wise, so I did some over and under exposure shots there; not with the other two. Since s-log2 is nothing much to look at for a long time, the second half of every shot is graded in this video - nothing fancy, just some quick adjustments in colorista II. No noise reduction or sharpening added in post.

Because people expose and grade differently, the original clips from the camera will be available on google drive for a while, so that those who wish can download them and evaluate the footage for themselves. Please do not re-upload, publish, or re-distribute the clips in original or any altered form.

Scene 1: sunset.
As the sun was setting behind the hill, I wanted to see how well the camera could hold on to the highlights in the sky, and details in the model's face. No light source used. It must be stated that the lighting conditions differed somewhat between the first and last shots because the sun was on it's way out. Had to use an ND8. Some of the sky is already blown-out in some of the shots, so I was right at the edge of "exposing for highlights" in this scene.

Scene 2: dusk.
After the sun had pretty much gone, we moved over to a bridge with cars and streetlights in the background. Again, no light on the model - just that of some very distant street lamps.

Scene 3: candle.
At 3200 ISO the correct exposure for the model's face was F2 on my light meter. This is the first shot, followed by an underexposed shot, and an overexposed one. In such a dark setting, overexposing and bringing it down in post looks really nice. The underexposed shots are really only there to serve as a deterrant :).

Thanks to Rexfilm for the camera and the adapter, and my patient model Panka, who volunteered to help me out on a Sunday evening!

Drive link to original clips (please do not re-upload or distribute or publish in any form!):


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