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For their final in Motion 03, at the Academy of Art University, school of New Media, student designers were tasked with creating a graphics package for The Exploratorium's Annual Awards Dinner event. This brief was fictional but the awards dinner is real, and student researched previous events and planned the media accordingly. Each spring at its Annual Awards Dinner, the Exploratorium celebrates great achievements in science, art, and technology by honoring special individuals chosen by their peers for their groundbreaking accomplishments, discoveries, or theories. The Dinner is the Bay Area’s premier event in its realm, referred to as the “Oscar Night of Science.”
Students were required to create the following deliveries:
•The opening sequence for the night of the event.
•A Web promotional video publicizing the event
•An intro video, introducing the scientist/honoree being acknowledged.
Each year, the Awards dinner has a theme. The student designers responded to the theme:
“The universe and everything in it”
In order to have some consistency from designer to designer, there were a few established art direction guidelines.
• The Render Camera is to be in “isometric” projection mode.
• The type family “Avenir” must be used.
• Sound must be included.
• 1280 x 720, h.264, 24 FPS
• Intros 00:10-00:20 runtime
Required text:
-Field of Study
• Promo: 00:15 seconds
-Date and Time
“Tuesday, May 8, 2013
at the Exploratorium”
-“The universe and everything in it”
• Open
-Exploratorium logo
:15 Seconds
-“The universe and everything in it”
Technical Outcomes
Required Technologies:
• PSRT Transforms
• Render Technologies
• Animation Technologies
• Complex use of Modeling/Deformers/Generators
• Easing, timing, temporal
• Use of Mograph Module
• Sound
• Multipass
• Composite
More info:

j vimeo.com/57632283

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