Abandoned places

Just west of Riker's Island in the East River sits North Brother Island, an place that from 1885 to 1942 was a quarantine for typhoid, smallpox, TB, cholera, scarlet fever, and leprosy, among others. The hospital's claim to fame was holding "Typhoid" Mary Mallon against her will. Following the hospital's use as containment for infectious disease it was repurposed to house WWII vets then finally became a drug rehab until its official closing in 1963. Nearly 50 years later, North Brother Island's Riverside Hospital has been left to the elements, for the most part without interruption from people. The location is one of only a small handful of New York City abandonments that has been allowed to undergo the process of decay naturally. Today the island is a protected migration for a species of herons that have since left the island for unknown reasons.

Music - Tame Impala: Why Won't They Talk to Me

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